We Know Bible Prophecy . That the Battle of Gog and Magog is the next Bible Prophecy on the Bible End Time Timeline ! Gog and Magog is Russia as Gog and several of Russia’s Arab friends as Magog . Like Iran , Iraq , Turkey , Syria and Lebanon – and don’t forget Iran’s Terrorist group Like Hezbollah operation from the North of Israel and Hamas from the south of Israel . Gog and Magog battle will be One Nuclear / Chemical Missile that will be blasted towards Israel in the morning hours , and God will slap it back into Damascus – Syria that will tick the 2nd Bible Prophecy on the Timeline . If we Look at Gog and Magog in ranking , Hamas is the small dogs , with Hezbollah the medium attack dog and then their Larger Care takers Syria and Lebanon . with overseers and founders like Turkey , Iran and Russia .

If we look at Russia in the Bible , Russia is the Bear with the 3 ribs in his mouth . He is currently busy with his 2nd rib , called Ukraine , The 3rd Rib are the Golan Heights currently occupied by Israel . Read my article on this attached .

Well the Battle of Gog and Magog has been running since 2014 , just after ISIS was defeated , Iran , Turkey and Russia continued to bring weapons of war into Lebanon and Syria for ONE REASON , a attack against Israel from the North . Hamas will keep Israel busy for a while , while the Larger Dogs will get ready for the Last attach from the North in the Battle of Gog and Magog .

Ezek 38/39

I am not the only one thinking Gog and Magog are standing behind the Hamas attach against Israel this past weekend !



Former British military commander Richard Kemp says the attack was too sophisticated for Hamas, without help from Iran and Russia.

By World Israel News Staff

The war launched by the Hamas terror group in Gaza on Saturday was jointly orchestrated by Iran and Russia, former British military commander in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, said on Sunday.

Over 700 Israelis were killed, 2200 are injured and more than 100 are being held captive in the surprise attack, which began with a coordinated breach of Gaza’s border fence and thousands of rockets targeting southern Israel.

“This attack has been called Israel’s 9/11 by some people, or Israel’s Pearl Harbor, both of which were also accompanied by tragic intelligence failure,” Kemp told Israel National News.

“Iran’s hand was behind this attack… Iran is dedicated to the annihilation of the Jewish State as their leaders have repeated again and again,” he said.

Kemp also pointed to Russia’s involvement, citing their alliance with Iran and shared activities in the Ukraine war. “Leaders of Islamic Jihad and Hamas have visited Moscow in the last few months meeting senior Russian government officials,” Kemp said.

According to the former commander, Russia’s objective is to cause turmoil in the Middle East, thereby diverting U.S. attention from Ukraine.

Both countries also aim to thwart the budding normalization discussions between Saudi Arabia and Israel, he said. Commenting on the implications, he stated, “It is hard to assess the impact this will have [on the negotiations with Saudi Arabia], but it will certainly complicate negotiations and may even lead to their temporary abandonment.”

Regarding Israel’s potential response, Kemp stated that Israel might need to employ unprecedented measures against Hamas and Islamic Jihad, possibly resulting in extended ground operations in Gaza. “I think the immediate goal will be to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad as viable terrorist bodies,” he commented.

Addressing the issue of hostages, Kemp called it Israel’s greatest challenge. While he believes rescuing the dispersed hostages might prove difficult, he emphasized Israel’s unwavering commitment to attempt rescues. Kemp also hopes for international pressure on the terrorists holding the hostages.

“Rescuing large numbers of people no doubt dispersed in secure locations around Gaza may well be impossible but I have no doubt the Israeli government, intelligence, and IDF will make every conceivable effort to do so.”

Kemp concluded by urging Western nations, particularly the U.S., to acknowledge Iran and Russia’s roles in the conflict. He called for solidarity with Israel, advocating for active countering of “the anti-Israel narrative that will be boosted by Israel’s necessary actions to defend its population.”