7-9 Oct 2023 ISRAEL @ WAR

ISRAEL ‘AT WAR’: 300 Israelis Murdered, Invaded by Hamas, Dozens Kidnapped, 3000 Rockets Fired; Hamas Shows Footage of Israelis Captured; US Office Condemns ‘Retaliatory Attacks’

Hamas and Islamic Jihad surprised Israel on Shabbat and the holiday of Simchat Torah with a barrage of 2,000 missiles. From within the cover of the missile attack, Hamas terrorists invaded Israel proper – entering more than 20 communities where they killed 100s of people as well as kidnaping more than 100 civilians – bringing them back to Gaza.

Israel is now at war. Avi Abelow has been called up to the IDF reserves together with almost every other IDF reserve soldier.

‘Get Out of Gaza, We will Hit Everywhere Hard,’ Netanyahu Warns Gazans

Netanyahu Invites Opposition Into ‘Broad Emergency Government’

Abbas Refuses to Condemn Hamas Invasion, Instead Blasts ‘Occupation Forces’

‘MULTI FRONT WAR’? Lapid Meets with Netanyahu, Calls for Unity

Biden Pledges US Will Stand With Israel Following Hamas Invasion

Republicans Introduce Bill to Maintain ‘Maximum Pressure’ on Iran While Regime Plots US Assassinations

“The enemy will pay a price the likes of which he has never known,” said the Israeli prime minister.